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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 28, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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speculation about the future
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of a local police chief ended with his resignation. good evening. i'm jim vance. doreen is off tonight. saturday night, the police chief was arrested for drunk driving. after an accident in arlington. on sunday, he was placed on paid administrative leave. a new acting chief was named. today baker turned in a letter of resignation, and said he is retiring. there has been mixed reaction. jackie. >> former chief baker did not attend this evening's press conference here at city hall. but he did make sure his rank-and-file officers knew of his decision before it was made public. city officials say the resignation and retirement of alexandria police chief dave baker was painful, but necessary. >> regretfully a wise decision to allow the police department and city to move forward.
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we are are very disappointed in what edhaenpp. and the decisions made by chief baker the othni ghengh >> court docents detail bakers dui arrest byy arlington count police sunday including breathalyzer test results that were twice virginia's legal limit. he was driving a city owned unmarked vehicle which was involved in a crash with another car near an entrance to 66i-. the driver of the other car was treated for possible neck and back injuries. jennifer hamilton is with mothers against drunk driving. >> i think that -- he made a good decision in doing this because it shows he is actually taking responsibility for his actions. >> alexandria officials say their internal probe of the matter ended with baker's resignation. they claim the police chief did not receive preferential treatment by being allowed to retire rather than being fired. >> we in the senior leadership, have a higher responsibility and duty. so if anything there was more to be expected from chief baker. >> baker's immediate replacement is acting chief earl cook, a
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30-year veteran of the alexandria police department. >> with a heavy heart that i take over as acting chief of police. i want to reassure the residents of alexandria that this is only a change in leadership and not direction. >> now, baker still faces criminal prosecution in the dui case. he is expected to plead not guilty which is pretty much standard in these cases. jim. >> thank you, jackie. >> senators and other staff members on the hill were notified tonight about a possible swine flu contamination among the senate pages. a message from the senate sergeant at arms reports that five summer pages have potential cases of swine flu. the pages work closely with senators on the floor and with aide in the cloak rooms and offices. the office of the attending physician is monitoring the pages' conditions. staffers are being told to take precautions. lawyer with the justice department from woodbridge virginia was killed by lightning
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on north carolina's outer banks. matthew was jogging along the beach while on vacation in southern shores, north carolina. yesterday evening. authorities say there were severe thunderstorms in the area at the time. he was 49 years old. he was found unconscious along the shoreline. investigators believe he was killed instantly. friend say that he was married and had two children. the accused ringleader of a teor plot hatched in north carolina has ties to the washington area. daniel patrick boyd attended tc williams high school in alexandria 23 years ago. federal authorities arrested him yesterday along with two of his sons and four urts men. they were accused of engaging in military-style training whilei- planning to carry out what is described as violent jihad on u.s. targets overseas. virginia's governor tim kaine will review a report on the virginia tech shooting after a new finding came to light.
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student gunman cho killed 32 people in april 2007 before he killed himself. last week, officials learned that cho's missing mental health records have been fod. in the house of the former director of the university's counseling center. a group of parents and survivors is asking for the state investigation to be reopened. they cite inaccuracies and omissions in the report. judge sonia sotomayor is one step closer to the u.s. supreme court tonight. the senate judiciary committee approved her nomination today. every democrat on the committee voted for her as did one republican, south carolina's lindsay graham. sotomayor's nomination goes to the full senate for a vote. that's likely to happen next week. sotomayor would be the first hispanic on the high court. outside right now. warm, actually hot. humid, typical july summer night. looking ahead to tomorrow when things apparently could heat up, huh, bob?
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>> yes, jim. as far as not the heat, and not the temperature. rather the atmosphere. right now outside in northwest washington. at 81 degrees. on doppler there is nothing much going on here. to our south, boy, once again, some nasty storms. you can see storms around richmond. there is a whole lot more out to our west and southwest. with some nasty storms. under a slight risk to our north of some severe thunderstorms too tomorrow. i will tell you all about that. even take a look at the weekend when i join you downstairs. back to you. >> thank you, bob. when it comes to causes for cancer we never thought of tanning beds on the same level as tobacco. that's what a new report out tonight suggests. derek ward is at the world health organization downtown now with more on this. derek. >> jim, we are outside the office of the world health organization and branches of the organization that looks and has taken the data of 20 studies and analyzed it and come up with a conclusion the prolonged use of tanning beds can be as dangerous
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as ars north carolina or mustard gas. >> i was checked or screened in february they found a melanoma on my leg common in women, lower legs. and it was removed. cancerous. >> angela davis used to tan years ago and heeded all the warnings. now a new summation of 20 studies skin cancer in lancet, concludes tank, using tanning beds ups the risk of skin cancer for 75% of people. uv from the tanning lights. >> data has been clear for years that what tanning bed emit, which is mostly of the va, is actually carcinogenic. >> and dermatologists say it can creep up on you. he recalls a patient of his in her 30s who used a tanning bed regularly since her teens. >> by the time i saw her at age 32, i had had to excise 12 skin cancers. on her neck, chest, back, all
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over. >> so what about tanning naturally under the sun? well there are dangers there too, according to experts, but. >> it's far safer to have just very moderate amounts of real sunshine. >> still this tanning bed is a calculated risk he is willing to take. >> we put ourselves at risk doing a lot of things. whether or not it is oversensationalized or just another prevalent risk. >> fake tans are very safe. and they can look great. so the things that you -- that spray on creams. >> and the ita or indoor tanning association reacted to the study. they say there is really nothing new in it. th also say that the average tanning bed emits no ultraviolet let radiation than the sun and urge moderation whether tanning under the sun or under the lights. we're live in northwest. back to you in the studio. >> derek ward. thanks, derek. >> coming up. a local go-go club in flames. police and federal agents. raided the home and office of
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michael jackson's doctor. a young kid spotted at the controls of the subway train. also, an ingredient in m & ms and gatorade could be useful in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. lindsay? >> jim, the question everyone wanted the answer to. brett favre makes up his mind about retirement. d.c. united back on the field to begin a challenge. adam dunn hits the ball out of the aws 4:0t 11nt0 coin at 40 cont (a ncncnn thereroufifi) ) e (announcerthe offial $5
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r is herof with curly fries and a drink for only $5. it's the $5 combo done better.
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funeral services will be held tomorrow for a teenage girl killed in a crash with a sheriff's deputy responding to a 911 call. rachel campbell was killed in maryland. she was turning left on a steep hill when the deputy came over the hill with lights and sirens on and broadsided her car. friend say the was campbell's dream to become a police officer.
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>> she went to try out for state trooper. was telling me all about it. >> she dies i a crash involving one of the sheriff's deputies. >> i know. that's the most ironic thing about the whole thing. it's sad. >> the deputy involved in the crash was he was released from the hospital on sunday. state and local police are investigating. the police in prince george's county raided a pawnshop today. police say the maryland computer exchange in chefferly was selling stolen merchandise. members of the special pawnshop task force confiscated vacuums, chainsaws, fllt screen tvs and other items from the store. the store's owner told news 4 he did nothing wrong and suggested the raid may be politically motivated. >> ate is still not clear what sparked a fire that destroyed a popular party venue in oxen hill, maryland, last night. the burn manor at the knights of
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columbus hall was home to a popular go-go club and went up in flames at 2:00 this morning. nobody was injured. officials say the property was sold when it went into foreclosure. two vehicles were towed away from the ground today. an investigator said they had been reported stolen. it's not clear whether they have any connection to the fire. still to come tonight. there are big concerns about swine flu and ability to vaccinate those who are most vulnerable come thefall. we now know who may be first in line. you can enjoy the quiet summer night because the chance of storms increases dramatically tomorrow. also, taking their compliments on the road. we'll meet a couple guys trgelin the cry ouavginnt the country try
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a reading lamp to study by and cell phone to call home. so liz chose target showing off her college smarts about savings target. expect more. pay less. fbi agents were in las vegas where they searched the home and medical office of michael jackson's doctor. they were looking for evidence
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that dr. conrad murray may have committed manslaughter. the second time in less than a week that authorities have targeted the doctor's property. nbc news has learned that the powerful anesthetic propofol the morning the day he died. >> was this the exception? was this the case one time, or something that dr. murray prescribed on a regular basis. >> police say murray has not been named as a suspect. medical examiner is awaitin the toxicology report before determining a cause of death. the mayor of a small dominican republic beach town is weighing in on a controversial donation from the trick -- district of columbia. he was to receive a firetruck and ambulance from the district but the $350 f donation was called off in march wn
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questions were raised d.c. council members. they're investigating why the mayor's office arranged for the donation instead of putting vehicles up for auction. he testified before the council last night. today he said the dough nation would have greatly benefited, benefited his town which has out of date fire equipment. a million americans have come down with swine flu in the past several months. doctors are especially concerned about pregnant women. of the 300 people who have died of the h1/n1 virus, at least 15 have been pregnant. tomorrow one of the centers for disease control announces who will be given priority for the upcoming swine flu vaccine tests. pregnant women are expected to be near the top of the list. >> if a pregnant woman becomes ill with flu, pregnant women have rates of complication of influenza, hospitalization, pneumonia, even death. >> doctors also recommend, pregnant women get vaccinated for the regular seasona flu. widely used food dye could
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help reduce damage from spinal injuries. researchers at university of rochester, injected something called brilliant blue g into rats who suffered spinal cord injuries. that dye is regularly used in blue gatorade and blue m & m candies. the rodents received the dose of brilliant blue g regained ability to walk albeit with a limp. while the results sound promising it is still years away from being used on humans. one side effect, treated rodents temporarily in fact turned blue. warm out there tonight. like july though. >> of all things, you know. tomorrow i think we will have action in the atmosphere. outside. a nice summer night. a lot of folks like the warm, humid nights. and light wind. we got that tonighght. bebeautiful spot, looking right down at it from the iwo jima area. 80 degrees. our high temperature. only 90 degree day that we have had this summer.
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this time last year. we have had 20 by now. look at the morning low temperatures. 72 here. talk about 90s. 97 degrees in some parts of the desert southwest. phoenix today, the low temperature, in downtown phoenix was 92. the high temperature, 115 degrees in phoenix. also, it has been, 97 up in seattle. 97 degrees. and in portland, oregon, 106 degrees. 106 degrees in portland oregon. they're all time record for any, with 107. terrible, terrible heat. continues, still 106 in phoenix. 92 degrees, right now in seattle. where we are. it is 80 degrees. here are the changes coming our way. see the area down there. in the southeast. that is a little area of storminess. cupping our way. a lot of moisture. plenty of humidity. right now in and around us. really not much going on, on doppler there. there have been a few showers.
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some thundershowers, youan see down in north carolina. the real action has been out in the mid part of the country. there is also one lonesome shower that is up around baltimore. but, here's what's going on into tennessee, and mississippi, boy have they had a wet time. we have been reasonably dry here in the washington area. see more rain heading toward knoxville. that is the area i think coming our way primarily to our west as we get on into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. look at greenwood, mississippi. almost five inches of rain. we have had, not even an inch of rain here in washington. on the other hand. friends on vacation at ocean city. today a nice day. lot of sunshine here is what is left of the low pressure. moves to our west. showers, thundershowers. possibly strong wonder. a bit more likely to be up to our north. some areas, around here. we may be getting 1/4 inch of rain. folks twoshdz the blue ridge. loudon county.
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shen dougha valley. 1/2 inch of ran or more. when you get up and head out. i think there will be cloud around. there can be morning sunshine. it will be warm and muggy. temperatures into the low 70s. that's where we are going to start out, with the cloud. not as hot as it was today. heat lovers, temperatures tomorrow. only 80 to 8 adegrees. uv index is low. 3. the afternoon showers and thundershowers developing. keep an eye on things. i think they'll move by. as wind turn into the west on thursday. we may get some of the midwest heat. not quite 106. 93. as high as 95 thursday. weekend looks good. a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the 80s. another chance of showers. come august. almost out there. >> yeah. >> and a weekend retreat. and a kid at the controls of a subway train. and in sport --
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played some ball tonight. >> get out of town. >> they scored 38 runsen four games. can you believe that? get out of town. and good luck for them. the nationals right now look like a team drastically different than the one that took the field just a month ago. tonight, they had it all. but they brought power to the plate from the start. morgan with the home run. that set the tone. nationals win their fourth in a row. matching their longest winning streak of the season. we're in milwaukee. fourth inning. game tied at one. adam dunn getting so much more comfortable on defense. we know how crucial he is at the plate. look at how far he hit that one. it left the ballpark.
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445 feet. 26th homer of the year by the way. the first player ever, hit out of miller park during the regular season. the. same inning. and he lines one to right field. take a look at this. cory hart tries to make the catch. the ball comes loose. josh willingham. two grand slams. comes in to score. nationals able to go up. 3-1. and morgan is up. what is he going to do. singles to right field. willie harris. and will nievez capitalize. morgan, 3 rbis. home run. nats win again. this time, 8-3. in baltimore. the royals well they really have the orioles number. bottom of the first. tied at 2. and send one to right field. and -- so good. top of the 11th inning. the game is tied at 3. john buck is up at bat. trying to continue success.
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singles to right. and would try to come into score. watch this. his throw off the mark. bounces off the pitcher's mound. and over matt weider's head. and the royals beat the orioles 4-3. brett favre says choosing not to return to the nfl and sign a one-year contract with the vikings was the hardest decision he had to make. he was getting text messages from vikings players, nudging, encouraging him to play. in the end he did not feel like he physically could play at a level that was acceptable. favre notified vikings head coach, brad childress of his decision to remain retired. mystics began a two-game road trip. five players scored in double figures. the truth is the mystics could not stop katie douglas who had a career night, scoring 24 points in the second half. the indiana fever beat the mystics 85-81. we're in indianapolis. mystics head coach. plank's team with a
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.500 record. first half. beard drains the jumper. she had 19 points. but it was too much. katie douglas. look at the spin move. and the lay-up. she scored career high, 34. the fever beat the mystics by four points. this one, finished just like mls play with a 1-1 draw. let's go to rfk. first half. the coach. d.c. united. finding themselves down 1-0, united with the ball. avery john kicks it to rodney wallace. he is taken down. wallace is in the box. the referees reward, d.c. united with a penalty kick. who else would take it. this guy, moreno. just so good at these things. makes it look so easy. shoots. scores. d.c. united, settles f a 1-1 tie. there you are. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> coming up. troubles with the postal ome
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big changes at the postal service. government accountability office says the agency needs to dramatically cut expenses. mail volume expected to fall nearly 14% this year. the gao says their postal service needs to develop a restructuring plan. if it does not, the postal officials say they could run out of cash by september. the president's cabinet is going on a retreat this weekend.
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but they're not going far. president obama is hosting them at the blair house, right across the street from the white house. the group will review the first six months in office over dinner friday. and then a series of meetings on saturday. subway operator in new york city has been taken off the job. after a passenger reported an 8-year-old boy driving the train. according to the passenger the train operator was in the cab sunday afternoon, but the child was operating the controls. new york city's transit department is investigating all this. there is a clear policy against anybody other than employees in the cab.we'll be we'll be right back. there are moments in time
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two college students are going across the country giving out free compliments everywhere they go. >> brett westcott and cameron brown are known as the compliment guys. they stopped in d.c. over the weekend on their motion to spread smiles. the students are from purdue. they are visiting ten cities up and down the east coast. isn't it nice to see


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